To be continued…

It´s time for my second blog to be published. I´ve been away from home working for almost a month and are finally home again.

I have promised that I will give you my hole life story here, with failure and my successes. But you have to be patient, I´ll give it to you in small portions. =)

I´ve started a new course with Master Key Experience and we are now in week two. You will follow my progress here as well, I´m really looking forward this 6months that we have together. It might be the missing piece that I need for real success in my life.

I´ve always been interested in learning new things and never said no to a opportunity to try something new, unless it have been way out from my comfort zone. One way have been reading books and listening to tapes. I have been exposed to Mastermind Event in Texas and have now booked the trip for next year. Something everyone that have succeeded is teaching is that we must constantly improve ourself and not give up to mediocrity. So many have gone down the road of mediocrity and the result is the same. That is nothing I want for my life. So I listen to those who already have success in there life in the same areas that I´m find valuable.

So this blogpost is just for remind you that constantly improve yourself. There is a lesson from the nature. Everything that dosen´t grow dies.

If you have wondered if you should take that course of you´re standing in the pocket shop and wonder which book you should pick. Remember the lay of nature.

It´s so much out there to learn and see. Take that step today if you can. I´ve never regretted a single book I have read. There is always something new to learn.


Thanks for this time, and that you´ve taken the time to listen to my word. Hopefully if you keep reading my post, you´ll find a key to improve something in your on life.

All best, Joakim.



First blog post


My name is Joakim Ahlin, I’m from Sweden, 28y and a rockstar, not by profession, just as a person.

The mening with this blog is to reach out to you and offer my services and help you create a better life. That dosen´t mean that I will be a servant, only offering my services.

My background in short terms goes like this;

Born and raised in Hälsingland, Sweden, with 2 fantastic siblings, a great mom and dad. I did a lot of different sports while growing up, ishockey, football, golf, athletic, snowboarding is some of them. Therefore personal health, mental/physical growing and “always giving the best” have been a big focus for me and something I have taken with me.

During growing up I used to work on my holidays, at least after I was 13y. I helped dad when he did some saw milling, worked in a golf course restaurant, at a gas station and as a mechanic for a airplane maintenance company.

After graduating school I went to collage and become a helicopter mechanic, moved to a new city and started work my way up.

At my day job I takes care of helicopters for a international company. But that´s not why i started this blog.

When I moved to a new city I met Tomas, he have been some of a coach for me during the years we have been fixing the helicopters together and still to this day always shows me how to improve myself in different areas. We have had some adventures together, some more crazy then others. But I have to tell one spontaneous thing we did. It started one evening when we sat at Tomas place and talked about our networking business and how to improve it. Tomas said that he had heard something about a Mastermind event in Texas, USA. We looked it up and realized that the event was less then a week from that evening. Since we both had some capital saved we decided to order a VIP ticket and book the flight. The timeframe, to fix all with EFSA, hotel and all the different stuff you have to do before going to USA, was tight at best =).  But there we where, at Mastermind Event, sharing a hummer limousine with some of the best networkers in the world to a restaurant. 8hours time difference and jetlag had found us, but it is still one of the must memorable taxi rides I have ever had. We attended the event that weekend, learned a lot and went home filled with energy/inspiration three days later. When I tell this story to my friends they just shake there heads, No one goes to USA just for 4days…

And then I failed…

I will tell you about my failure story some other day, and I will tell you my story of how I climb back to respect myself again and do the best of the situation I currently was in.

I´ll leave you today with a quote from Ernest Hemingway.

“How did you go bankrupt?”
Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

― Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises